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A Foundation Built on Professional Expertise and Experience


Mike Javon


Mike came to EYSCO following 20 years with Elster American Meter in numerous capacities – Engineering, Product Management, Technical Support/Training, Distribution, Customer Service and Sales – joining EYSCO in 2012. As a nationally recognized measurement authority, his expertise is highly valued. EYSCO’s twenty year background/relationship with Mike coupled with his regional and national knowledge of Customers and natural gas market provided for a perfect fit for EYSCO. His recognized technical savvy, superb Customer care and diligence for the Manufacturer is well recognized in his balanced interactive approach interfacing with EYSCO’s valued assets – Customers and Manufacturers.

Jaye Soss

Vice President

Jaye Soss joined EYSCO in 1991, coming from Kerotest in Pittsburgh (EYSCO’s first Principal), where she’d been a Contracts Administrator and Inside Sales Representative bringing with her an excellent knowledge of our Customers, the natural gas Industry and valued/needed administration skills to advance our business. With this background and experience in Manufacturing, Sales and Administration; Jaye provides nonpareil know-how navigating the Rep-Manufacturer-Customer landscape. Our Manufacturers recognize and appreciate Jaye’s insight and acknowledged systems/processes capability with many consulting her on various aspects or hurdles within their business…often! Many Customers also use Jaye to ensure a qualified overview of their internal systems in interfacing with Manufacturers. Jaye is unique having the highly prized and rare “Left-brain/Right brain”, which is a tremendous asset for a technical sales organization. Thus, Jaye is recognized by both our Customers and Manufacturers as an unquestioned and highly valued resource.

Mike Chitwood

Account Manager

Prior to joining EYSCO in 2001, Mike spent 18 years with Clarksville Gas (TN) in Construction, Measurement, Service and Purchasing capacities. Mike’s background and knowledge of the inner workings of gas utilities has proven an invaluable asset to our Customers and Manufacturers. His standing amongst gas utilities is beyond reproach and, as example, he led the successful founding of the National Gas Rodeo, is the only non-utility person to be elected to President of the National Gas Rodeo in 2010 and still remains on the BOD. Mike’s unquestionable dedication to the Customer is a foundation of the respect and appreciation he receives from of our valued Customers.

Bradley Utz

Account Manager

With a strong sales background in the related HVAC industry, Bradley has a solid understanding of gas as it relates to BTUs, gas loads, etc. and as it relates to measurement/regulation at the delivery point. Known by many at EYSCO prior to joining the company, it was notable that a major USA manufacturer to the natural gas industry had ranked Bradley as one of the highest candidates they had ever qualified. Bradley’s considerable understanding and appreciation for customer service shows he knows “Who’s the Boss” – it’s the Customer! A former Division I college football player and team captain, his athletic and leadership skills are now applied to the business arena. Bradley has quickly established an exceptional reputation with both our Customers and Manufacturers due to his creativity and resourcefulness in addressing their requests.

Lindsay Johnston

Administrative Assistant

Lindsay is valuable asset in assisting the day-to-day requirements of EYSCO Principals and Customers. Prior to joining EYSCO, Lindsay was already a known resource for EYSCO as our banking liaison. Her “personality plus” provides appreciable rapport with Customers, and along with her overall business and administrative skills, provides valuable support and backup for Jaye Soss. Along with the above, Lindsay provides knowledgeable and prompt support for both Customers and Principals questions ensuring answers to meet needs.

Mike Schmidt

Accounting - CPA

In addition to Mike’s accounting expertise, he is a longtime friend, mentor, finance and business guide for EYSCO. His “business guiding” is a significant asset for EYSCO as Mike was formerly CFO for a major regional Industrial Distributor/Sales Engineering firm, thus his “guidance” for EYSCO comes with many years of experience with similar business processes.

Ed Young

Business Advisor

From a background with three Fortune 500 companies in Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing; Ed founded the Manufacturer’s Representative company ED YOUNG SALES with his Father in 1985. The core principle of Manufacturer’s Representatives is providing balanced and dedicated support equally serving both Customers and the Manufacturers. The importance of supporting quality products and services is clear, as Customers require products to meet their operational needs and the Manufacturers require Customers to maintain their business. Ensuring these basic fundamentals of business are the required expectations of professional Manufacturer’s Representatives.